Rizzo Is Back Home

There is a a well known saying… ‘what a difference a day makes’ and it is certainly true in Rizzo land.

Times that by 11, and it’s like all the alleged poisonings, hacking, and other terrorist allegations have just been forgotten about, and life is fine and dandy once again.

I mean, what’s a bit of novichok between friends?

And hacking accounts? Well, worse things happen at sea!

So with forgiveness in the air, and no doubt a lot of grovelling, Jimmy was finally back home, after nearly two weeks in exile.


So it’s as you were then.

Aunty Lynn is flavour of the month again, Mark is a great guy, and Rizzo is going to protect the Vaughns from the ‘blogs’.

This is of course, until Jimbo has 1 too many Stellas one night, in which case, Mark will be back to being an idiot and Aunty Lynn will be a c*nt again.

How soon?

My bet is 2 weeks or less.






2 Thoughts to “Rizzo Is Back Home”

  1. Uncle Gomez

    1st April, April fool ? nope Mark needs Rizzos multi vip account $$$$$ gotta keep that motor of his looking crisp

  2. keepSUCKINGup

    Not only is Rizzo an old drunk but he may be a bit bi-polar, senile or dementia is settings in.. He loves the Vaughns one month the next he is talking shit about them elsewhere when banned. Funny thing he tells others not to disrespect them, but has a habit or doing it himself. LOL Has anyone noticed when he casts he puts in other accounts so he doesn’t look all alone in his channel?


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