Ivlog Looking For Staff

This should be classified under the job application of the year. At first i thought it was somebody trolling, but no, this comes straight from the official Ivlog Facebook group.

ivlog looking for staff

So they ‘fully train’ their staff, to do what exactly? There is never more than half a dozen live casts on there at any one time anyway, and most of those will have like 2 viewers.

Also, you have to give i them, they are definitely in the glass half full camp. Notice how they mention the ‘future growth’ hmm, now call me a cynic, but how long as Ivlog been up now?

Anyway, if you fancy a job where you can just go to sleep, contact them and fingers crossed, you’ll be ‘suitable’

One Thought to “Ivlog Looking For Staff”

  1. Jack Jones

    Will it affect my dole money if I get the JOB?

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