Vaughn Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned

Wow, she seemed so nice in the beginning aswell. We are of course, talking about the beautiful, but bonkers Zoe, aka CherryBreeze.

After the he did it/she did it e-breakup between herself and FoxmanShawn22, she came across as a tad upset, but in a ‘ i’ll get over it’ mood. Well, that was until Bishh came along and had Foxman flirting.

Cherrybreeze rants 1

Jeez, bit harsh eh. Even poor Irelands Patriot get’s it too lol. Ok, she’s expressed her dislike for Bishh, she’ll move along now and chill i reckon.

Cherrybreeze rant 2

Cherrybreeze rant 3

Cherrybreeze rant 4

Cherrybreeze rant 5

Cherrybreeze rant 6

Crikey, and i thought Dicky was mad lol

Cherrybreeze rant 7

Cherrybreeze rant 8

Cherrybreeze rant 9

Oh here we go again. Why oh why do people come out with nonsense like this? They live about 4,000 miles apart, are never going to see each other, but they are going to fight each other. Yeah right…anyway, as you were..

Cherrybreeze rant 10

Cherrybreeze rant 11

Whaaaa? One thing you cannot say about Bishh is that she has saggy tits, has she not seen them?

Cherrybreeze rant 12

Cherrybreeze rant 14

This made me giggle. Firstly for the crazy suggestion that you can cyber lick someone’s balls, but mostly for Alvaro’s quick reply 🙂

Cherrybreeze rant 15

Now she starts on Kitten5533…this woman is a nutcase.

Cherrybreeze rant 16

And then after all that, she reveals the person she’s really mad at, is the Foxman. Well who’d of thought that?

I think we’ll leave it now, we get the impression she’s a bit upset. But Zoe, one last thing hun…

Do You Know Who He Is?

One Thought to “Vaughn Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned”

  1. Ryan Hi-Fi

    This is just sad – Paradice should be handling her channel better and enforcing TOS not allowing others in her room to make death threats etc. Channels like this that don’t control their chatters are going to be shut down eventually just you watch.

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