MichelleStacy: Deja Vu?

This woman never changes, rotten to the core and as predictable as rain in Manchester. Remember when she was friends with RealmanPwns and she was all like ‘ he’s my friend, i’ve known him for years’ etc etc. Then when they fell out, it was ‘oh, he only had viewers because i was in his room’ and ‘i don’t know why i ever liked him’ amongst other tripe she spewed out to anyone who would listen.

Well, it’s happened all over again, this time, FoxmanShawn22 being the ‘friend’. For months she’s been mumbling on his his casts, ‘oh Shawn, i like you, i’ve got ya back hun’ and stuff. Only now Foxman has finally seen the nasty, vindictive piece of trash she is, and kicked her to the curb, she’s coming out with all the same butthurt drivel that she did with RM.

Here she is in Hipperz room the other day. First on her agenda is Joe Walsh. After snitching on him, she then tries to claim she has some kind of inside info about what he’s done..

hipperz 3

hipperz 4

So not only is she a snitch, she’s proud of and thinks it’s hilarious.

Next she starts sucking up to Hipperz and the hatred for Foxman comes poring out.

hipperz 6

hipperz 8

hipperz 9

Funny that, i got the impression it was the other way round. Anyway, she’s not mentioned Joe Walsh for a few minutes, she soon fixes that though.

hipperz 11

Now she’s on a run, she even attacks a member of staff and accuses them of openly mocking and humiliating a caster.

hipperz 18

hipperz 19

Then when pulled up about this accusation, she suddenly can’t remember who it was and didn’t have any screenshots or video of it…surprise surprise.

hipperz 20

Mmm, nope, i’ve not come across it on any of the blogs, so it appears it was just her that witnessed it, who’d of thought that eh?

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