Irelands Patriot v Veronika

It was only a matter of time folks, two very opinionated individuals, neither shy to wear their heart’s on their sleeve, VaughnLive was never going to be big enough for the two of them.

So eventually, the inevitable happened, the battle was on…

                                                                                                            Just who could wear the biggest sunglasses?

Irelands Patriot big glasses 1

Irelands Patriot big glasses 2


Veronka borrows ip sunglasses 1

veronika borrows ip's sunglasses 2

This shit could get nasty soon…

2 Thoughts to “Irelands Patriot v Veronika”

  1. Genius

    Indoors as well. think they may have set a challenge going here

  2. Sean

    haha shit man that’s s0me funny shit

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