Michellestacy: Lie #3538

Well that didn’t take long did it! Just a few days ago we posted about Stacy being all angry and pissed with Miss Scruffy, and predicted the next time she comes across Scruffy, she will be all nice and friendly.

OK, this is from yesterday, take a look 🙂

Michellestacy lies to Scruffy

So there she is, doing her usual ‘ i don’t speak behind people’s backs’ routine. Notice how she claims that IF she did have a problem, Scruffy would hear about it from her, not the blogs…

Ok, sounds reasonable

Except, just 3 days earlier, this is what Stacy had to say about Scruffy…on the blogs no less

MS slags off Scruffy

MS slags of scruffy 2

Ladies and Gents, welcome to Michellestacy

One Thought to “Michellestacy: Lie #3538”

  1. DanTheMan

    Michellestacy most certainly comes across as having more faces than Big Ben.

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