Adambro: The All Talking Walking Karma Sutra

Daytime club dj, security officer, tiger whisperer and full time mind reader. These are just a few of the endless talents that ooze out of Canada’s biggest star, Vaughn’s very own Adambro.

Whenever i see that this guy is casting, i just know i’m going to end up with hours of hilarious video, and yesterday didn’t disappoint either.

Here we get to hear how he has all the girls declaring their love for him, how he is always rated 10/10 in bed, and his secrets on how to make a woman reach the ultimate climax.

Enjoy 🙂


3 Thoughts to “Adambro: The All Talking Walking Karma Sutra”

  1. AdamKnowsBest

    The All Yapping Fapping KARMA Sutra would better describe AdamBro, but got to say yep, the guy is hilarious.

  2. The ‘to really please a woman, you have to last at least 20 minutes’ got me lol. How quick does this guy shoot?

  3. Mister

    According to aDUMB himself, the bj he got from when he took advantage of Nikki only lasted 2 seconds lol

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