SexyChrisWhile25: Completely Destroyed

It only seems like yesterday that there would be 150+ people in Chris’ cast’s, most of them cringing at his singing, or covering their eyes as he came dangerously close to falling on to a bottle of Vodka.

But no matter how much your ears were taking a pounding, or your stomach hurting with laughter, one thing that you were guaranteed, was that he would be having fun.

Since some c*nt snitched to the social and had his money stopped, watching him now is painful. You can see he doesn’t have an ounce of confidence left, his eyes are empty, and all his energy zapped.


The worst of it all is, he’s gone from seeing good in everyone and trusting the world, to not trusting anybody at all.

Sexychris- grassed?

One Thought to “SexyChrisWhile25: Completely Destroyed”

  1. Angie2013

    Its such a shame to see him like this, i rearly hope Chris can get through this, he never did any one any harm just wanted friends. Get well soon Chris

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