MichelleStacy: I Called Out Scruffy

I’m convinced this woman lives in a fantasy world. Her lies have become so bad, that if she told me it was Thursday i would have to go and find a calender to believe it.

There are screencaps on several of the blogs, showing Scruffy telling the witch that she’s out stayed her welcome on VaughnLive, and MS sitting there, trying to shift the blame on others, as usual, with her “i’m only saying what i heard” routine.

In Stacy’s world though, the exact opposite happened…no, seriously, it did lol:


Michellestacy talks about Scruffy


One Thought to “MichelleStacy: I Called Out Scruffy”

  1. Ryan

    Those that don’t try hard to impress others don’t do things like this. She is always trying to assert herself as the queen bee…. it shows a severe lack of self confidence.

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