Nipples And Treadmills: Hungarian Style

A strange combination i know, but then again, we are talking about our horny Hungarian grandma, Veronika.

Vera is one of the hardest casters to capture on video, because you can be there recording a great cast, then she will get herself all worked and upset, and i just can’t upload somebody distressed, so 9/10, the recording gets stuck on the cloud.

We did manage to grab some last night though, as she gave us a live workout, oh, and a live nipple shot 🙂


For those that missed it, or those that love a good old Eastern European teet, her it is again:

vera's nipple

One Thought to “Nipples And Treadmills: Hungarian Style”

  1. Angie2013

    She’s is rum is Veronika, i had visions of the treadmill going fast like on the youtube clips, where someone ends up in a heap, glad it ended with no injuries.

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