Miss Scruffy Plays With Foxmanshawn22

You all know the Foxman by now, sober = great guy, drunk = idiot.

He was warned about his constant use of the word Nigga in his cast, so what does he go and do…uses it straight away, resulting in his 11 day ban (which won’t last the full 11 days btw)

But now he’s realising how much he misses Vaughn and wants to cast again, so in the true, polite, gentlemanly way, he asks Mark and Scruffy for forgiveness.


Foxman begs for unban 1

Foxman begs for unban 2

Yeah, maybe threatening to give the owner’s mother shit as soon as you get your stream key back wasn’t the best idea, js.


One Thought to “Miss Scruffy Plays With Foxmanshawn22”

  1. Angie2013

    Not the cleverest of ideas there from Foxman, 11 Days is a odd ban though.

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