A New Year – Still The Same Pig

After her self confessed addiction to drugs in the past, you would think she would have a little sympathy with someone struggling with an addiction of their own. But this is MichelleStacy we are talking about, probably one of the most hated people in Social Broadcasting.

Here she was again, in to a New Year, but still as nasty as ever. Today’s victim was the Foxman:


Michellestacy and foxman 1

Serious question now. Has anybody ever seen or heard this ‘husband’ of hers? All i’ve ever seen is those blinds?

Michellestacy and foxman 2

This one made me spit my beer out lol, tell us again about those casts you used to do with over 8 thousand viewers in…

Michellestacy and foxman 3

Say’s the woman who makes accusations all the time, yet nobody ever has a screenshot or video to back it up?

Michellestacy and foxman 4

She says, as she sits there, watching Foxman on VaughnLive. Oh, lets not forget her moaning and rushing to home school her child for an hour a day, just so she can get back to the Internet.

Michellestacy and foxman 5

2 points here:

1 – She know’s damn well she ain’t getting an apology, so to try and save face a little, she claims she wouldn’t accept it, lol.

2 РWhere does she get this image of her being this bad, tough, frightening woman from? I mean, honestly, if MS  turned up at your door, would you be scared, or just laugh your tits off?

Another year, another pile of tripe.


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