UK Invasion: It’s Back

After a year or so of keeping low, the boys have decided to bring back the UK Invasion channel, and for it’s ‘exclusive’ opening on Ivlog, they decided to let Freestyleradio1 do the first cast.

I recorded the full 2 and half hours, but to be honest, it was that drab, i’ve tried to find the highlights, if you can call them that, and save you from hours of boredom.

So as you see, nothings changed. Still wearing that same cap, same sunglasses, same Facebook t-shirt from 2 years ago and still boring as hell.

As for the rest of the cast, Dicky was still trying to convince himself that he’s popular:

dicky ladies

I’m assuming he means lady? and sure, after laughing at him for 2 hours, i would imagine their panties are dripping. Nothing a Tena lady wont fix.

Tom’s still having those tics:

tom gurning_0-43

And Ryan just sits there like he’s told.

So, welcome back gang, always remember..

i’ll be

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized


4 Thoughts to “UK Invasion: It’s Back”

  1. Ryan

    Oh let them say what they want. And I found the cast to be a lot of fun. Screw rivalries, you should cast on ivlog too!

  2. Don’t be fooled by this new ‘friendliness’ they are showing at the moment mate. I take it you didn’t see all the vile Youtube videos they made of you then lol? All they are doing is trying to re-build their reputation, after we exposed the REAL guys behind the UK Invasion.

    These guys are the male version of MichelleStacy. They will insult your dead mother if anyone dares to say they don’t like them.

    Freestyleradio1 in particular is one caster that i will follow till the day he dies. He not only drove a good bloke off all the casting sites, he also gave the other idiots the blokes full dox for them to abuse all over Vaughn. He is a piece of shit, who will pay for his actions.

    As for me casting? Nooo, this is far more enjoyable than sat there playing music. It’s like a Big Brother. You get to see people at their best, and their worst. My casting days are well and truly over now 🙂

    1. Ryan

      I’m willing to let things go. I mistreated Rich and others in the past because I was listening to poor advice from a bitch named VloggerDog….these guys are not like MichelleStacy. They will only go after someone if they feel attacked. If they’re going after you that’s too bad, and it’s also too bad you don’t want to cast – Soultrain was fun I went in a couple times…

      John can have all the ambitions he wants, he can be full of himself (I don’t know if he is I’m just saying), or Shez, or any of them. Everyone gets an ego sometimes. I’m just there to have a good time. If I see evidence of someone being mean I’ll not go back, but so far they’ve been really friendly. I think you’re missing out on ivlog. Vaughnlive turned us all into assholes m8….

      1. It’s just a matter of opinions bud.I saw what they did in sneaky hidden Facebook rooms. To everybody’s face, they will come across as all nice, that’s why they used to be popular on Vaughn. Behind the scenes, they would be bitching about everyone, making fun of peoples mothers and family. That’s why this blog started, and that’s why they will never pull a crowd on Vaughn ever again. People were shocked when they saw the screenshots of what they are really like.

        Now they have moved to Ivlog where most of the people have never heard of them. The only difference between MichelleStacy and the muppets, is at least MS has the balls to say things in public.

        Wasn’t Vaughnlive that turned people into assholes, Vaughnlive just exposed who people really are.

        They have never accepted responsibilty or shown any kind of remorse for driving that person of the websites. So as long as they cast, i will continue to let the public see what people they are 🙂

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