FoxmanShawn – Does CherryBreeze Know Who He is?

You have to hand it the Fox, he treats his women like sh*t, but yet they always come running back.

I was watching him for a couple of hours the other day, and he had his e-wife Cherry on a Skype call. Now knowing how much she loves the Fox, him telling her all about what he was going to do to his date, from hugging to words we can’t print…was bad enough.

But then he goes and does this….


Jesus Christ! Foxman, you know i like you and when you are sober, you are real gentleman. But when you are drunk…well!

Now whether Cherry is just trolling or if she really is in love with him, you don’t treat people like that dude. That’s just NOT how to act right.


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One Thought to “FoxmanShawn – Does CherryBreeze Know Who He is?”

  1. Angie2013

    The Demon drink, strikes again. It makes a big difference in some people does the old alcohol.

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