More Casters Join Vaughn

While the haters claim that VL will be dead soon, the site just continues to grow day by day. Welcome to two of the latest casters to join the madhouse 🙂


Realitychecking 1

Realitychecking 2

Realitychecking 3


Peeweenewman 1

Peeweenewman 2

Peeweenewman 3

Peeweenewman 4

Hey Shez, how’s that “people are moving over to Ivlog” going?


John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

One Thought to “More Casters Join Vaughn”

  1. DiscoDave1888

    Checked out a few of the social sites on the net, but to be honest despite its faults Vaughn is by far the best.

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