FoxmanShawn: Nobody Touches My One Night Stand!

Now that Chris has been wiped of the radar, the original King of Vaughn, FoxmanShawn, is back on his throne.

Finally unshuffled, the great drunken one has reclaimed the number one spot, with viewing figures back averaging around the 135 mark.

But it appears all is not going swimmingly well at Foxman Towers.  He’s still pissed with somebody, even resorting to lifting weights. Just who exactly, has pee’d on the Kings parade?

Who is this peasant? Doesn’t he know that once the leader of our land and freedom, dips his pork sausage in to a wenches lovebox, that lovebox is then classified as property of the crown?

Steelie should feel blessed that the King allowed us paupers to see her used panties. Expecting to touch the Fox’s property could be seen as a hangable offence.




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