Pikem4n Knows The Way To A Woman’s Heart

Chocolates? Flowers? Jewellery? or maybe her favourite perfume?

Nah, don’t be silly, they are all so 2014. Dancing in your pyjamas is the way forward 😉

Well it certainly made Siren laugh, and we all know that women can’t resist a man who makes them laugh.

Go Pikem4n 🙂




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2 Thoughts to “Pikem4n Knows The Way To A Woman’s Heart”

  1. Pikem4n

    Now how the hell can i not leave a reply to such an awesome thread lmfao.

    Somehow Karl, once i knew who you were in the chat,i had a feeling that this feat of technical dance worthyness (straight out of the strictly book of not how to dance!) would end up on here.

    What you did not notice though was the strings holding my arms up!

    Also i would just like a retraction too, they were NOT Pyjamas but indeed were shorts.
    I am available for dance off’s too for reference 😉

    1. Angie2013

      There was another caster dancing (well prancing) about in his tight boxers the other day on his cast not Mr While by the way. Trust me Pikeman this other person could learn a thing or two from you.

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