Ryderbak Gives Pig Some Home Truths

After watching the way the Pig was outright nasty towards Amy and more recently Bubbles, it was nice to see somebody tell this vile trash, just exactly how it is.

He might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you couldn’t disagree with anything Simon said about Chris there. Especially about the money. As AngelStormee found out, once you give him any cash, he will want more, and more.

Angel loses savings

She gave him another £30 the other day, and what does the Pig do to show his appreciation?

That’s right, dumps her and tries to bed Amy!

This bloke has turned into an animal. In fact, that’s an insult to animals, at least they clean their own backsides on a daily basis.

So there wasn’t much sympathy thrown his way when he claimed that he was beat up and had his cans stole from him the other day.

Chris beat up 1

Chris beat up 2

Did anybody actually witness this? Or is this another of his scams, to con people into sending him more money?

My betting is on the latter!

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5 Thoughts to “Ryderbak Gives Pig Some Home Truths”

  1. Booze n Chrisps

    So Chris said he got his Booze nicked his Computer nicked and his record player nicked allegedly all in same day. Think someones telling porky’s and then claimed he got his Computer and record player back the next day.

  2. Rory_Fella

    Gold. We won’t need to worry about Chris for long, it’s only a matter of time until he is back in the looney bin, the wee cunt.

  3. jstevieo

    fairplay to Simon , hes on topic and the spot concerning the vile PIGman , PIGman is rapidly becoming one of the most dispised , disgusting vile examples of humanity devolving back to the missing link of filthyness ! how the council still accepts this guy living in one of their homes is beyond me , i have sympathy for his neighbours !! imagine living above him !! his latest brainwave to move his piss bucket from his kitchen into his living room to save him energy ,walking to the toilet is just another example of his bone idle lazyness !! PIGman viles days are numbered methinks , nutshop drooling straightjacket future is HIS , lest we forget his sexual deviant pedo ways – the being is neither human or a pig cause i reckon pigs have more self esteem than the PIGman !!

  4. amy

    just to clear this up amyy i would never bed chris in a million years after the way hes treated me and angel we can do so much better then him

  5. I agree Amy. I enjoy your casts, you seem a nice sensible woman who doesn’t get all paranoid by the very few trolls you might get, and it reflects in your casts.

    Chris has changed. The old Chris is dead. The new Chris isn’t worthy of any friends, nevermind Girlfriends.

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