Christopher While: The Pig Sinks Even Lower

Just when you thought that the Mother abusing, money scamming drunk can’t get any worse, along comes Bubbles to experience the nasty smelly pigs hatred.

Listen as he realises that for once, a woman is not going to take his abuse and just accept it, but give him a few home truths.

Pig doesn’t like this, so resorts to his usual vile insults, only this time, he laughs at the death of her Uncle.

* Video courtesy of anon via Tinypic:

As much as i like Pikem4n, it will be interesting to see if he finds anyway to justify this.




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9 Thoughts to “Christopher While: The Pig Sinks Even Lower”

  1. pikem4n

    Hello Karl 🙂

    Well i cant Justify it, as i’ve said to chris before, you do not simply speak to women like this at all (or anyone actually come to think of it!) – it’s 100% wrong and simply not on.

    The strange thing is,after speaking with chris on many occasion now he know’s when he has done wrong, or when he has upset people with what he has said, and okay he has said before that he does not give a monkeys about what people say about him or to him whether it’s on blogs like this or in his chat.

    But he does though.

    And chris needs to change his views on how he treats people and i think he knows that,well i hope so anyway.And just for reference for whoever might read this, i am not a two faced piece of shit nor am i a bully, i tell chris what exactly (well more or less) how it is to his face,whether i’ve said it in response to something on here, or whether i have said it in my cast.

  2. Rory_Fella

    Well done Bubbs, that lil cunt needs a smackdown every now and again.

  3. Angie2013

    He knows its wrong even before he’s said it, yet he continues to give people abuse and call them abusive names, but when there said to him he sulks has tantrums refuses to go on camera because people call him names.
    If your going give it out dont throw your toys out the pram when it gets given back.

  4. who is the american dumb ass bitch on the end of this video ? the female not the other girl scoot

  5. lol, that’s that Grannie Annie.

  6. jstevieo

    the man is an utter pig and shithead , no wait shithole no wait he lives in a shit hole too – iows hes SHIT !! Bubbles is a fine lass and she was 100% spot on the mark imHo , his words are another example of vile whiles irresonsability and sociopathy , he thinks he can say ” im very sorry” and everything goes back to normal or he pulls the tard card by throwing the clown shoe into the ring by claiming hes handicapped or disabled , as if that excuses him from his cruel wicked words and ways – his gravy train aka angel [obviously a woman with severe mental issues ] claims once again to not be sending him more $$s but shes said that before and his vicious manipulating ways has successfully extorted more money off her time and time again – i feel its not too far a stretch to reckon , her ‘relationship ‘with him wont end well as ALL his peevious ‘relationships’with women have – and no doubt her nude sex pics will be shared with the world as he also has done with every woman stupid enough to get naked for him – it wouldnt perhaps be cruel to say she deserves ALL she gets – but its just harrowing and sick to witness his childish mindset and speed dial tard card attitude – ive no doubt he,ll soon have a reckoning to deal with , either by his social services becoming aware of his scamming begging ways or ending up behind bars via his reluctance to comply with probation demands or appointments or most likely doped down to a shitting drooling cabbage in some mental institution – i have zero empathy for him anymore and he deserves ALL he gets too !! good blog btw , enjoy catching up with stuff here .

  7. Baboultr

    LOL It never ends

  8. chris_while_lawyer

    my client is very upset with the hurtful and nasty comments made by mr stevio , mr stevio you are complaining about a man who lives in england while you take residence in the netherlands i believe .. continue to harrass my client in such a way i will be seeking damages ..

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