Imonica Talks MFC

Monica made a return to Vaughn yesterday to explain in her own words, just why she started using MFC, the financial side of it, and the predictable heartbreak that selling your body on cam brings.

Remember we posted about her not being the type of girl to handle the consequences of being involved in the ‘sex’ trade. That might sound a little dramatic, but in reality, that is exactly what it is. She may not be actually sleeping with them, but it’s still performing sex acts for cash.


As much as i like Monica, i can’t help but feel not everything she said there was entirely true. This is only my opinion, but if you watch her body language throughout, there are a couple of times she subconsciously covers her mouth with her hand, and the looking anywhere but at the cam, both usual signs of somebody telling porkies.

I genuinely do like her though, and i hope she can sort her life out and be happy.

One thing that she has learnt out of all this, is money doesn’t buy you happiness!





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2 Thoughts to “Imonica Talks MFC”

  1. oscar winner

    Another oscar performance of bullshit

  2. pooperdooper

    if yall didnt shame her for doing sex work she wouldnt have to feel the need to explain herself like this. she did nothing wrong and here she is makng excuses and shit. feeling bad 4 her

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