Just An Average Night In With SexyChris

Just your normal Monday night in for Chris and co. A couple of drinks, a bit of a natter, and some good friendly chit-chat.

(did i not mention the Police coming? Or Chris nearly killing himself twice? The rage call to Leah in California? Silly me, must of slipped my mind)



He got so wasted, not only did he fall asleep on the gas cooker, nearly knocking the switch on and gassing himself. He also went flying in to loads of empty bottles, and must of used one of his nine lives up, because he came out of it without a scratch…


Now i went to bed shortly after, but he carried on drinking till the early hours, and under the promise of £60 from FoxmanShawn and BillyBobCesspool, decided to stick a bottle up his anus, then lick it clean.

I didn’t get that bit (which i’m not sure is a good thing or bad) but you can see it over at Scuttlebutts here

Like i say, just your average night in the While love nest 😉





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2 Thoughts to “Just An Average Night In With SexyChris”

  1. Ryan

    The way this guy gets abused on a daily basis by everyone, and how they think it’s all funny – makes me sick.

    1. Brokenmech

      Ryan you’re like a Christian that cherry picks part of their faith but doesn’t bother to follow the parts they don’t like. Chris manipulates his mother out of money, his friends, girlfriends and family. He emotionally blackmails his mother by saying he will kill himself and verbally abuses her on a daily basis. He has hit women in the past, even his own mother. He goes on casting sites and masterbates willingly on cam just to get his channel banned. Where’s your outrage about that? Fact is chris isn’t this special vulnerable snowflake you and others make him out to be. He is just as bad, if not worse, than most.

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