SexyChris Gets Hacked On Ivlog

If you didn’t believe in Karma before today, you should now 🙂

Chris got some payback today for all the times he’s kicked and banned anyone who dared to tell him his beloved MeNellie was trolling him.

It was obvious to anybody with a pair of ears that MeNellie couldn’t stand Chris, and was just waiting to set him up. But oh no, lovestruck Chris wouldn’t have any of it.

I even told him who was responsible for all the Pizza’s and Taxi’s etc, but oh no, he listens to Nellie, who throws him off the scent.

Well today his misplaced trust came back to bite him right where it hurts. Chris, stupidly gave Menellie access to his Computer, via Teamviewer. So, of course, Nellie gives access to Nathan and Mark, and once Mark is inside his PC, no matter how many times he changes his Password or Stream Key, Mark can see it from his comfy chair, all the way up in sunny Glasgow.

Watch as Chris thinks he’s clever by changing his Password, then Stream key, and bragging about it…

This is fookin hilarious hehe.


And while he was snooping around in Chris’ PC, it would of been rude not to steal Angels naughty pics 😉

Chris wants more money6











5 Thoughts to “SexyChris Gets Hacked On Ivlog”

  1. Fly Swatter

    Thats Mark Gronans voice looks like Mr Discovery channel is upto his games again and his Dad Nathan Mr Bluesky will deny all Knowledge of this.

  2. jstevieo

    pmsl , havent laughed as much myself in a long time , you tie the cat to the cheese what do you expect !!

  3. sean

    Im just glad i inspired this

  4. Michael Caine

    Sounded like he was being hacked by Sean Connery…

  5. And people STILL think that nellie DIDNT put dodgy shit on chris’s computer >?!?!?!?!? yall ruined someones life and think its funny ‘ also its completely illegal now to share anyones nudes let alone hack them to acheive this.

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