Chris Gets Sexy With Uri Geller Lookalike

I have no idea where this latest friend came from. But it certainly put a smile on Chris’ face 😉

*Thanks To The Anon For Sending This First Video In:


Nothing beats the joy of two people being so much in love, unless the 3rd person happens to be your girlfriend that is…

You can’t help but laugh. The green eyed monster soon appeared when poor Angel thought they were going to masturbate each other.

That’s the difference in Men and Women. If that was a bloke, and he saw his girlfriend about to have sex with another woman, he would crack open a few beers, get the popcorn out, and enjoy the show.

Don’t you think that the bloke had a look of this guy?

Uri Gellar

When he was rubbing Chris’ chest, i was half expecting Chris to tell us his penis had just bent in half.

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8 Thoughts to “Chris Gets Sexy With Uri Geller Lookalike”

  1. Pikeman

    Brings a whole new meaning to being a spoon bender! 😀

  2. Richie

    lol, UkMuppets outstanding blog coverage with Chris on this one and Foxman? nice.
    I’m really disappointed on how lazy scuttlebutt is lately. They didn’t even bother reporting on Paradice getting taken away until after everyone else did. Best they can come up with is cigarettes on Shawnio’s floor? Pathetic. Their blog has gone down hill since their “Warren Fan Club” dried up.

  3. Dusty Bin

    Don’t think Angel was Amused lol she got a bit moody when the action heated up.
    Looks like Chris has a new bed time teddy.

    1. Ben the Bastard

      Sure why is Angel getting so uptight anyway, she hasn’t actually met the idiot!

  4. smoothopp

    This guy lives with Chris2 the thief, he was also here the day. Odds are he is sent from Chris2 to go on the rob 😀 😀 😀

  5. Anonymous

    Im sure Angel is not right in the head to put up with the abuse Chris gives her and still come back for more. If my online bf did that in front of me and continued to say how much he fancies and wants to fuck other women he would be long gone. But not with Angel she just continues to live in her own fantasy world as the saying goes Denile is not just the river in Egypt. Angel’s answer to everything is Oh well he is just joking or its all just a setup for the viewers he told me, yeah right next time you are on cam ill look for the mug sign across your forehead. Maybe she is just another crazy american nutjob.

  6. raoul duke

    analstormee is utterly demented she claims chriss used all of his cunning in late August to ‘manipulate’ her back into a lunatic ‘relationship’. Firstly shes a grown woman WTF! secondly if u see her on guest cam she is up all hours of the night with aa lunatic grin as chriss acts like a pig. Battered wife, maybe, psychotic, probably. If her delusion comes crashing down around her i fear for her safety. Bunny boiler style. Sidenote: LOL @ moving from california to barrow ahahaha

    1. lol, when did this happen? Is this all because of Chris and Uri?

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