What Makes A Quality Cast These Days?

When Mark said that the ‘community’ was better without FoxmanShawn and others ( i assume he means SexyChris and Joe Walsh, Joe Dutch etc)

So what quality casts within this ‘community’ does Mark like to engage with?

Mark watches t_rucker sleep1

Ah, people sleeping! Of course, watching people sleep is what makes Social Broadcasting so great, so no wonder Mark is there, along with over a 100 others.

What is ironic about this is, t-rucker and Amanda are featured, have been for hours, watched by Mark, and all they have to do is sleep, amazing.

I mean, it’s not like other casters have been shoved in the Misc category for not being on cam and interacting with the viewers is it?

Nah, such a professionally run and unbiased, fair and honest website such as VaughnLive wouldn’t have favourites and one rule for some, and one for others would they?

Foxman didn't ask to come back to VL 1

Yeah, sleeping on cam ftw!!

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  1. UKMuppetsFan

    Let’s analyse the situation.

    In their peak VL days, Foxman, Sexy Chris and Warrbuck could be counted on for 100-200 viewers, and sometimes more, depending on their content.

    t_rucker usually gets–wait for it–100 to 200 viewers. So he’s not helping VL in terms of viewer count relative to the “bad guys” such as Fox and Chris that Mark has banned. In fact, t_rucker is a net negative compared to Fox, Chris and Warr.

    So why does Mark like t_rucker so much?

    In one word: Amanda.

    Yes, our creepy, fat, autistic, crooked-teethed Tennessee virgin has once again set his eye on a female member of his web site, and I’m sure Amanda will respond as have most of the other ladies–by avoiding Mark’s creepy advances and eventually leaving VL altogether.

    At least Mark’s Mum (and Daryl) will always love him.

    1. You have to think, what else could it be that makes Mark part with his own money and let a cast stay featured for so long, when the casters were fast asleep.

      It’s obviously not money this time, as it’s actually costing him lol. So either they have something on Mark that he doesn’t want to come out, or, as you said, the lure of seeing Amanda is what’s behind this sudden ‘love’ for t_rucker.

      There’s nothing wrong with fancying her, or any other woman that uses his site, that’s not an issue. But when he is bending rules for them, then obviously people are going to be pissed.

      I’m just going to wait now until they fling the next person to the Misc for not engaging with the viewers, or not being on cam, then i will email them with a screenshot of t_rucker and Amanda sleeping away, with Mark watching, and ask how they decide who can do it and who can’t.

      Obviously, it will be ignored, or i will receive the usual ‘ we will no longer reply to any further messages’ because they can’t answer it, not without making fools out of themselves anyway.

  2. Anonymous

    Karl you are quite right Mark & Scruffy would never has favourites and put them ahead of the more popular casters (dam my nose is getting longer). They are fair and unbasied to their very souls (ok need to turn sideways now to type).

    Watching a caster sleep is well one of my all time favourite pastimes makes me so happy (fuck now my nose hit the wall).

    All or most of the good casters have left, been banned or just plain got fed up with their attitude of if you are not in the clique then you can fuck off. Soon it will be if you are not a VIP you will not be welcome on vaughn (ahhh my nose is back to normal size)

    1. UKMuppetsFan

      If you’ve followed Foxman’s recent casts on blab.im, you’ve seen him talking to the owners of that site.

      Blab.im use a fully p2p video distribution architecture, so they pay nothing for video servers, compared to idiot mark paying over 20K USD per month.

      Now, I’m sure Mark or one of his ass lickers will see this post, but sadly Mark, you can’t rip off a p2p video distribution architecture from stackexchange the way you ripped off most of your site.

      The Blab.im techs weren’t home schooled and they know what they’re doing.

      Keep paying your video server bills Mark, and keep scamming people for VIP, because you’re over 10 years behind.

      1. Jankies

        Nop. Mark just needs to evolve if he wants his business to survive. All the old drunks stagnating the site aren’t making him money. We’ve seen the reaction all before about “don’t donate to chris” and “dont buy VIP”. Mark even keeps mentioning Mobile, and the younger crowd is more willing to donate and give tips.

        Now, if you look at where Mark’s coming from. His history was with Justin.tv. And that’s where T_Rucker’s 4chan crowd came from as well. Not only are younger 4channer better at trolling that current hillbillies, they also make it rain with donations.

        Youtube some episodes of “Radio Graffiti” and its what Warrrbucks COULD have been. Great stuff. You can also find T_Rucker’s old material under “Jesus Chatline” on YT.

        If Mark wants to be around in 2 years, it’s about time he started to take out the trash and try to compete with modern streaming sites. Pirate TV traffic won’t sustain him forever.

        1. I agree. Lardo once said he reported a few of the pirate movie channels to the respective copyright holders, and they took the channels down. Only to re-appear again a few days later.

          Now we can’t confirm whether that is true or not, but you would think, that in this day and age, where they are clamping down more than ever on piracy, that the Misc and Espanol sections are on borrowed time.

          Take those away, and Marks in deep financial shit. He’s alienated all the popular casters from the people tab, so what’s he gonna be left with?

          2 gamers on Instagib, 3 casters on Vapers and 20 or so card breakers?

      2. Is that how they work, on p2p? I’ve only been over there once, and that was register and say hello to Fox. But with the time difference, i’m getting ready for bed when he’s getting into his cast.

        Fair play to them though. For those who are unaware how p2p works, the more traffic they get, the better the quality, as you all act as a server so to speak.

        If this takes off, which i can’t see it not doing, Mark and all the other casting sites out there at the moment are fucked.

        Wonder how smug Mark will be when he realises his empire is about to come crashing down?

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