Jackie Lee Want’s Free VIP

With the rumours flying around of Mark giving his ‘favourites’ free VIP status, it dawned on Jackie that she mustn’t be in his alleged ‘circle’ of casters.

While there is no solid evidence that anybody has actually been given a freebie, i think most of us suspect so.

So in protest, she refused to go on cam until she got a month’s VIP for free!

Jackie Lee wants free VIP

Very SexyChris-esque, but it was what followed that made the cast interesting.

Watch the following screenshots below, and look out for the pattern that certain people have of signing in, doing what they need to do or say, then sign straight out 😉

Jackie Lee wants free VIP1

Now also remember the underlined part 😉

Jackie Lee wants free VIP3

This was all because Jackie mentioned Bradders the other day, but lets continue.

Jackie Lee wants free VIP4

Jackie Lee wants free VIP5

Jackie Lee wants free VIP6

Jackie Lee wants free VIP8

Now it’s going to get interesting…

Jackie Lee wants free VIP9

Jackie Lee wants free VIP10


Jackie Lee wants free VIP15

Then Zoe returns to unban IP.

Jackie Lee wants free VIP17

Jackie Lee wants free VIP18

Jackie Lee wants free VIP19

Jackie Lee wants free VIP20

Banned, chat cleared and gone again. Told you she would be mad 🙂

Jackie Lee wants free VIP21

Donna bans, Zoe unbans lol

Jackie Lee wants free VIP26

Uh oh. How much do you want on it that Donna signs back in, bans IP then does a runner again?

Jackie Lee wants free VIP28

Hahaha. In she pops, bans BOTH, clears chat then leaves.

Unfortunately for her, Cookie watches and unbans again!

Jackie Lee wants free VIP29

Jackie Lee wants free VIP31


Jackie Lee wants free VIP32

Jackie Lee wants free VIP34

Lets take a look eh…

Jackie Lee wants free VIP35

Yep, she’s been slung. Also an hour or so later, probably when Mark or Scruffy were awake, IP’s channel gets banned again…

“But the rules state that if you are not on cam or not engaging with your viewers, you can’t be in the ‘People’ tab” i can hear Ryan screaming…

Jackie Lee wants free VIP36

There is Mark, probably telling Bubba right now that he’s had to move his cast to Misc…

Jackie Lee wants free VIP37

You silly billies, of course not, Bubba’s featured!

I feel sorry for Bubba because he gets hated on by some people because they call him an ass licker etc, but whenever i watch his casts, like i have for a few hours today, he rips the piss out of Mark if anything.

I’ve certainly not witnessed him ass kissing at all.

So Donna goes to war with anybody who say’s the slightest negative thing about VL, Mark or Scruffy. Mark makes up rules by the second, and Scruffy is probably wondering what the f*ck is going on.

Even their strongest ally is giving up all hope on the site:

Mark watches t_rucker sleep2

The link he posted is this

Mark watches t_rucker sleep3

And he’s right. Fox was banned for lying on a bed with Loveleigh. T_rucker and Amanda meanwhile, are fine.

If Carlsberg made the most unprofessional, shabbily run, cult style Websites…..

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5 Thoughts to “Jackie Lee Want’s Free VIP”

  1. freedomof thought

    kind of typical of a certain hypocrite fail-caster blathering on about “not being one of ” meanwhile he recently casted and bragged about setting his alarm clock to purchase one of the first 100 VIP deals …..no doubt he,ll claim/lie that account has been banned too ,or perhaps send videos to blogs in the dire desperation they will be posted ,hoping someone will expend some attention to their antics… even though we all saw how he had his VIP account , the day it was “launched “; why he doesnt belong well , indeed you never shall belong due to trying way too hard to belong .the chosen few didnt decide to be chosen , yet they were …..JLs expecting anything from MV is just cringeworthy . Almost as cringeworthy as casting vacuum vampires expecting adulation for nothing noteworthy at all .

  2. UKMuppetsFan

    Ha, I remember.

    When Fox and Leigh did they exact same thing, it was labeled “dry-humping” and Fox was banned.

    Another double-standard from the Vaughns.

  3. Ben the Bastard

    Honestly, who cares of the VIP, Vaughn is a failure, you can’t even browse and contribute to being part of the community without the so called director of the site picking random shit out and throwing it at you and being stupid enough to not listen to what your saying to this director in defending yourself in making it quite clear that you had no part of whatever it is your being accused off. Yet this Director is so sure of herself without having concrete prove what so ever that what your being accuse off by this idiot of a director she still holds you accountable that you have been responsible for such acts non the less.

  4. Rusty Nail

    VIP = Vaughns Internet Pets
    The Vaughns are making Bubba the Scape goat

  5. Anonymous

    Clarkeorama is a hypocritical two faced bitch enough said

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