FoxmanShawn Hit’s Back At Mark Vaughn.

He’s been banned and reinstated more times than SexyChris has begged for beer money. But this time, Fox is adamant that he’s not missing Vaughn now, and is enjoying testing various other sites.

Yet Mark is claiming otherwise…


Foxman didn't ask to come back to VL 1

Ok, sounds legit.

Only Fox say’s this is the only conversation he’s had with Mark lately…

Foxman didn't ask to come back to VL

Hmm, Mark not telling porkies again is he?

I mean, he claims the ‘community’ is better off without Fox, Joe Walsh, SexyChris etc.

But it’s certainly not busier!

Vaugh people tab dead

That was the Top Bar the other morning. At one time, that would be full to the end, and some.

So with less casters, 3 new 10Gbps Servers added, and now a 4th as shown here..

MVN adds a 4th new server

Then there should be NO ‘server overload’ messages any time soon.

If there are, then i know it’s a scam to get you to part with your cash.

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11 Thoughts to “FoxmanShawn Hit’s Back At Mark Vaughn.”

  1. dave

    All I can say is (FACEPALM)at your point of view and believing a known lying drunk over Mark.

    1. Ryan, Fox has uploaded a screencap, Mark hasn’t. If Mark has the proof, then show it. I mean, that’s what you always tell us is it not?

      1. dave

        You expect someone to show private emails from a company to everyone online? That’s something that won’t happen. Don’t forget also – Foxman uses FACEBOOK messages to ask to be unbanned too, not the proper channels always.

  2. Anonymous

    OMG Dave what does Marks arse taste like you have your tongue stuck firmly up there 24/7.

    1. dave

      This is uncalled for – we’re having a factual debate about opinions, not insulting each other.

      1. gaz

        your autism is showing, go cry on another facebook post ya poof

        1. dave

          Yet another bullying remark. I can see no intellectual debate can happen here, so I’m done. This is not a troll. I’ll be reading this blog but never commenting again. You people take nothing seriously.

          1. DavesNOThere

            well fuck right off then and remmember your words as YOU WILL NOT BE MISSED !! ppppppppppppppfffttt factual debate my arse you fucking inbred retard ! go fap some more to your retarded GF !!Dj ….on a factual note : lets see how long it takes until he does what hes said never to do again on NUMEROUS occasions !!

  3. gaz

    also karl i hope you are recording chris, he is currently making out with some dude he found at a public toilet, he looks like a heroin addict bin man from the 60s lmao

  4. Anonymous

    Dave you are the one who is always insulting people on here time and time again. The when it is back at you you cry like a little baby and claim bullying. As for a factual debate with you that is non existance with you. You revert to bullying and name calling then claim you are the victim. Lets see how long before you or you in another name comes to your defence takes.

  5. Ben the Bastard

    You made an error here, when anyone contacts Vaughn Support, they don’t actually get to talk to Mark, I don’t think Mark even see’s the light of day in anything that is sent to Vaughn Support, As far as I have experienced, it is actually Miss Scruffy that handles all the emails that are sent to Vaughn Support.

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