Highlights Of The Week Ending 10th January 2016

It’s been a strange week.  SexyChris finally took the lifetime title of King of Vaughn due to his unprecedented, 45 minute uninterrupted masturbation cast, Paradice got carted off to the looney bin, VIP status on VL caused Civil War, and Mark and Scruffy’s mental health continued to deteriorate.

Social Broadcasting, isn’t it great!

UKM Wins Blog Of 2015:



The 20 Euro’s are in the post IP 😉

Anna Doxxes Stephen:



Monica Likes The Larger Things In Life:

Imonica with her big mic

MyTrollAkkount Bans The Fake UKM Account:

adam Davies bans the fake UKM

adam Davies bans the fake UKM 1

Unlucky 🙂

SexyChris Gets Reported To The DWP:

Chris getting reported to dwp

Staying with Chris

SexyChris Offers To DJ At Willsmac And Rach33’s Wedding:



MichelleStacy’s Past Comes Back To Haunt Her:

Shawnio trolls MS on mayngames

Shawnio trolls MS on mayngames1

Uh oh, looks like Karma is hungry for revenge again. What amuses me though, is how she repeatedly slammed several female casters for being a bad Mother, when only a couple of years ago or so, she was speeding through a School Zone, you know, where lots of innocent young kids could appear from behind a car at any moment..

MS gets done for speeding

She had to do some kind of driving awareness course, and got whacked with a lovely fine too 😉

MS gets done for speeding 1


And finally, to end on a happier note, we’ll leave this weeks fun and games with the undisputed KOVL doing what can only be described as one of those ‘the dangers of taking legal highs’ promotional videos.


Mark Vaugh - the world is insane

John eyes_99-165_2nd_optimized

6 Thoughts to “Highlights Of The Week Ending 10th January 2016”

  1. Chuckle Brothers

    For someone to grass stephen up would they not need his full name ?
    cant be many people who know his full name.
    The Fake ukmuppets account really does have some deep issues.
    and as for that Michelle Stacy speeding in a school zone what a low life she go’s on with herself calling others, not so innocent are you Theresa.
    And Finally well done on Blog of the year

    1. gaz

      its stephen norman, all his info is online. chris has gave his name out loads.

  2. Anonymous

    Foxman found a “new home” again >>> http://prntscr.com/9oz8ff

    1. Just logged in there now. 273 live viewers, Mark will be pissed lol.

      I miss Foxman. I know he’s an idiot when he’s too drunk, but i am used to watching him when he gets up for work and is having his cup of tea. When he’s sober he’s a totally different person.

  3. TeamAnon

    About reporting Chris for benefit fraud, I’ll believe the consequences when I see them.

    Most government bureaucrats are happy to spend their days doing nothing while accruing hours toward their fat pension, unmatched in the private sector.

    If the Benefits Fraud office investigates Chris, I truly will be shocked.

  4. Anonymous

    TeamAnon so will I they seem to turn a blind eye to people like Chris & his mum who claim untold amounts because of lazitis. There is nothing wrong with Chris or his mum they both just cant be bothered to get off their fat arses and work.

    I live in hope that one day a miracle will happen and someone will actually investigate this family of benefit fraudsters

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