Scuttlebutts Gone Again!

When i wake up each morning, there’s nothing i enjoy more than having a cup of tea, some breakfast, and reading the blogs.

Remember that all the other blogs are different time zones to me, so they capture what i miss when sleeping, and vice versa.

So this is what i find when i so my daily mooching.


Shawnio blog private


Scuttlebutts gone again

Oh great! Super fuckin duper. One private, one deleted.

Fair to say breakfast wasn’t as enjoyable as usual this morning. I know Shawnio and Scuttlebutt have this long running fued, but is this what it’s come to?

I enjoy reading all the blogs, but now, Paquet has called it a day, Shawnio is keeping low for some reason, and Scuttlebutt has been Googled again.

Why, oh why, doesn’t everybody who is running a blog, ditch Blogger, ditch WordPress and their hosting, and install WordPress or whichever platform they prefer, on an offshore server, where nobody can take each other down, you can post whatever you like (apart from CP obviously) and the readers don’t miss out on what’s happening?

It’s a sad day in Blogging land 🙁

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15 Thoughts to “Scuttlebutts Gone Again!”

  1. scuttles is on his old backup site plumbduffs or checkout the parody scuttlebuttcorners both at blogger

  2. dave

    This was because I sent a registered cease and desist letter to google’s offices in Ann Arbor, Michigan over the past week. Nothing to do with Shawnio.

    1. Ryan, do you realise how absurd that sounds? Do you even know what a cease and desist order is?

      1) You have to have a valid reason for issuing such order
      2) Do you really think you could scare Google and their multi-millionaire Lawyers with a ” please stop these online bullies’ letter made up in Microsoft Word?

      Come on man, ffs lol

      1. Bloody Ell

        I think Ryan has no idea what a nutter he looks to others. He really thinks he’s getting one over.

        “Google’s closest office”? Pshhhh.

        1. dave

          Google Ann Arbor – 201 S Division St #500, Anne Arbor, Michigan 48104

  3. dave

    It’s not absurd. I had a lawyer draft a letter and send it via registered mail to google’s closest office. You can’t send notification via email for legal matters, it must be registered mail – check around, that’s how it must be done. It was notorized and written on a lawyer’s letterhead. The reason for issuing the letter was them posting my real name and last name as well as photos I had not ever authorized to be used – copyright infringement, personal libel and slander. Good day.

    1. Yeah i know how it works, i’ve received/used them several times over the years on various websites i’ve ran.

      But the problem here is, if you read Bloggers ToS, you can post people names, you can post their addresses, you can upload their pictures.

      The only things you can’t post is personal stuff like insurance numbers, driving license numbers and bank account details.

      It’s all there in black and white. Also, nobody needs your permission to use photo’s of you, if those photo’s were taken in a public area, or public domain, ie Facebook, Twitter etc etc.

      Even if you Copyright your name/picture etc, they can still be used for Educational, Experimental and Criticism purposes.

      Why do you think the UK Invasion have never been able to do jack shit to us?

      Nice try, but i’m afraid this is the biggest load of bullshit i’ve heard in a while.

      1. Bloody Ell

        Should you IP ban Ryan, he’d undoubtedly try to return under an alternate IP.

        It would be quite a laugh watching Ryan’s new identity try to mask the fact that he’s Ryan, as Ryan’s posting “voice” is quite distinct. 😀

        1. It’s true regarding him giving himself away. If you watched the SexyChris wanking on VL videos, you will see how easy it was to spot Ryan was worldwind2.

          No matter how hard he tries, he just can’t get out of the same old routine everyday lol.

      2. dave

        Well, the letter was sent Karl – whether or not it had any effect I suppose I don’t know (if others were reporting scuttlebutt’s blog also). All I know is now I don’t have to further pursue this matter legally. And no, it’s not legal to post someone’s full name and address and phone number without their permission. Google/Blogger were notified to remove it, they did not remove it, so the letter was mailed.

        1. I’m not saying you didn’t send the letter, i’m just saying that it wouldn’t make Google take down a blog.

          As for the posting of somebody’s full name and address, it’s perfectly legal, as long as they are not using it with malice, ie , threatening you with it, encouraging people to threaten with it or harass the person with their details.

          Google it ( no pun intended) you’ll see.

  4. IP

    Ryan lol, what a dumby. Just quit, you look more of a retard every passing day
    Shawnio will take credit for this again I am sure, but I doubt it had anything to do with him either.
    I guess we just have to sit back and wait 🙂

  5. Dusty Bin

    IP should include the best/worst porkie pie story teller award in his nominees theres 4 people so far 1=Adam Bro 2=Sexychris 3=Ryan (Dave) which ever he prefers. and finally 4= Steelie

  6. random nerd. scuttles never goes! woot, you on about?

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