Steelie Talks Prison: LOL

I don’t get why so many people dislike Steelie. Ok, what allegedly happened between Loveleigh and himself wasn’t good, but i say allegedly, because we all remember Loveleigh being ready to go to the Police and claim Foxman raped her, when everybody apart from her knew that was bullshit.

But that aside, he reminds me of Adambro, slightly less bizarre, but you get the drift 🙂

Here he talks about his recent spell in jail (again) and tells us about the meals, having a poo, and cellmates.







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6 Thoughts to “Steelie Talks Prison: LOL”

  1. Dusty Bin

    He does sound like Adam Bro, he must mean the cell mate in another block.

  2. you don’t understand why people dislike steelie? maybe you’re also a passive aggressive, emasculated tart like he is. does explain why you project you bi-polarism onto other people. you’re probably a feminist.

    1. Me? Bi-polar?

      I like Simon…

      But Ryderbak is a f*cking b*stard 😉

  3. Katie says

    I dont know Steelie that well I admit but everytime I have spoken to him he has been polite and very nice so i speak as i find.

    I was in a room last night and asked why people disliked him so much all i got was you must be a pedo to like Steelie or you a chick with a dick, a tranny. Great answer people that really explains it NOT.

    I dont go on vaughn that much these days because to me it has become stale and boring and boy do these trolls need to get a new scriptwriter the retorts are as old as the hills. The above so called insults are so last century. Its like being in a field of sheep they all follow each other and have no individualism, no original thoughts of their own.

    1. Steelie is just one of those guys who lives in a fantasy world. Then he gets drunk and threatens to kill FoxmanShawn. But taking a threat from Stellie is like taking hygiene tips from SexyChris, you just laugh it off.

      I like to watch his casts though. 1) he always has guest chat on, and never bans, he takes the trolling like a man. 2) He comes out with some hilarious tales, so unbelievable, that he has me in tears of laughter.

      Maybe my sense of humour, or maybe i’m weird, i don’t know. But if i ever feel i’m having a really shitty day, digging out an Adambro or Steelie video suddenly makes life look so great again.

      I think a lot of people dislike him over what allegedly happened with Loveleigh, but to be fair, she’s not always honest/correct in what she tells people, so was it exactly how she told it?

      Or was it a domestic that got out of hand, with BOTH parties in the wrong? Who knows.

  4. Steelie

    Well, I really have no comment….and TY Katie, yes I remember you in that chat the other nite. Doesn’t matter where I go, these so called fail trolls try to get to me and they just can’t……too many laughs… LOL

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