Pomegranate: The New Imonicaonline?

Long dark hair, pretty face, tanned skin, looks about 18. Sound familiar?

This is Canada’s Pomegranate.





Aaww, well she loves her dog…. i think??


Lets hope she doesn’t follow the same path as Monica did.





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7 Thoughts to “Pomegranate: The New Imonicaonline?”

  1. Anonymous

    They all look and act alike these days no individuality at all so boring.

  2. gaz

    karl she is camwhore, check haskel420s blog he has here doing shit like naked hula and fingering herself

  3. gaz

    her myfreecams page profiles.myfreecams.com/sevgim

  4. Baboultr

    Lol Karl she went the same way as Monica and then some But Im not complaing I’d hit it.

  5. It’s so sad when a young, pretty girl ruins their life by going down that route. Despite what they think at the time, it WILL always come back to bite them on the ass later on in life.

    When they are pretty like that, why whore yourself out for money? They could get any person they want and have money, a home and food etc.

    The sad thing is, when they finally find their soulmate in life, some fooker will probably repost all the shit they did when they were younger, and destroy their happiness.

  6. RayMearsExtinguishedCampfire

    Another camwhore fishing for sad bastard fellas do private shows to. How fucking pathetic.

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