SexyChris Claims Lifetime KOVL Title

When it comes to having the eternal title of King of VaughnLive, there is usually the name FoxmanShawn thrown around.

But to go out in style, the way he did last night, then i think it’s certain, that the title has to go to Chris.

An all dayer, that started with Cider from 9.30am, right through to his final farewell some 12 hours later, he not only broke near enough every rule going, but got away with it for such a long period, i honestly don’t think it will ever be matched, never mind beaten.

Lets go back to the morning of the farewell cast. Chris is pretty much plastered before noon, but he’s in good spirits and having a party, even if it is when most others are still eating breakfast.


Then things take a turn for the worse. For when Chris realises that although he’s paid for VIP, yet is still shuffled to the back ( which was supposed to have been ended a while ago, another lie Mark?) he wasn’t too happy to say the least.


Amazingly, he lasted a few hours after his rant at Mark and Scruffy. But you get the feel of what was to come 🙂

There are 3 videos all embedded in one below: You can watch all 3 video’s by pressing the next button at the bottom left corner

*WARNING: The Following Video’s Contain Content Of A Sexual Nature And Are Not Suitable For Under 18’s And Some Adults.


Well he certainly went for it lol. Needless to say, Scruffy wasn’t amused when she finally came back.


Vaughn tec1

Vaughn tec2

Vaughn tec3

Vaughn tec4

Vaughn tec5

Vaughn tec6

Snitches be snitchin eh!!

*Update: I forgot to add the takeaways being sent again. Thanks to Gaz for sending us this, saves me going through it all again. Cheers Buddy.

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19 Thoughts to “SexyChris Claims Lifetime KOVL Title”

  1. gaz

    what a divvy he got 2 hoax deliverys too if ya want me to upload

    1. If you have it handy, i wouldn’t mind. I did record it, but i recorded over 8 hours of Chris yesterday, so don’t fancy trawling through all that again lol.


      1. gaz

        Ok here ya go ” i dont like ere”

  2. IP

    Mark is a scamming cunt.
    I really want to block him on FB but If I am ever banned that’s the only place I can contact him. But check his FB, anyone. All it is is him bitching about complaints on his website and exaggerating his success and gloating. The dude has a very fragile ego and it gets so annoying him screenshotting reports he’s gotten and trying to cryptically call out his own casters. He dribbles all over the new casters when theya rrive and throw them privileges. He wa in some chicks room last night who was new, drooling over her. Ever since he updated his site, almost every cast I go into freezes every couple of seconds. I suppose we have to pay VIP to get into that special bandwidth space, even though there were no problems beforehand. He screwed Chris like he screws everyone that doesn’t pander to him. In advance I would like to thank a certain Northern Irish gossiping granny who will likely inform him of this post. Rinse your mouth out with soap to get the shit off your tongue when you’re done, buddy.

    Keep up the good work UKMUPPETS, Blog of 2015. Let’s hope 2016 is just as great. >:)

    1. Yep! Before Chris started acting the clown, he had around 120-130 viewers, most of them signed in, yet he never got higher than 4th last.

      So you pay your $15 each month, only to be shuffled if they think you are not good enough for their site.

      Chris should file a Paypal complaint, and say he was misled on what he bought. I don’t remember seeing Mark say anything about if you buy VIP and we don’t like you, you’ll be shuffled?

      Once Chris opens up a dispute, Mark either has to refund him, or they will freeze his money that he has in there until it’s resolved.

      1. Bloody Ell

        Clearly t_rucker’s girl Amanda is Mark’s new crush, as she’s been directly or indirectly showered with $100 and a new webcam.

        Creepy Mark is at it again. 😉

  3. Dusty Bin

    I think chris enjoyed himself that night, big question is wonder why the vaughns took so long.

    1. Haha, i think what people were saying in the chat covered that one 😉

      1. IP

        You’re all dead on.
        Yeah, Amanda – that was her name. Fucking hell, he is a creepy desperado.
        He loves to play games with those he hates. I’ve made about 20 different accounts over the past few weeks when casting because he keeps taking them off the people tab and making ’em disappear. Then he turns around and says he doesn’t do it, so I had his own staff member Daryl look into it and he confirmed it. Daryl said he’d inform Mark of the problem. LOL, Mark is the one most likely doing it!
        Last account ‘princepretty’ is off te live list now too and I had people telling me they kept getting reconnecting attempt error everytime they tried to enter (Mine was the only cast doing this). He’s a cunt with an agenda. I wouldn’t mind if he just came out and said, ‘Hey, I can do whatever I want. I can ban you for being Irish, or because I don’t like your wall colour’ or whatever. But when he blatantly lies about there not being favouritism it just gets ridiculous. Last week people were on the top 3 slots with 1 chatter, while people with 40 (AKA STEELIE) WERE HALFWAY DOWN THE LIST.) The Chris shenanigans went on for about 45 minutes last night before they copped onto it, lol.
        Vaughns definitely have an agenda. Some months ago a preeeetty new caster was casing (her name escapes me). She required help with xsplit, and I was assisting her. She then gave me mods and MissScruffy instantly signed in and said ‘IP is a bad mod’, took my mods away from me, undermining the caster, and then banned me. They have a huge vendetta and they can’t let shit go. A quick glance at Marky’s FB proves this

        1. What! Seriously? I know they have a grudge against you, and in some ways i can understand that. But like you say, they should just come out and say “look, we don’t like what you did, so don’t come back” but then i suppose that would go against their Christian, forgiving image.

          For Scruffy to enter a casters channel, and un-mod somebody against the casters wishes is, well…

          Don’t suppose you got any screenshots did you? If so, send them in and i’ll post them.

          The shambolic way they are running that site these days is embarrassing. Whether it’s financial pressure or just can’t handle being called names i don’t know, but their heads have gone now.

          That SexyChris shambles really hurt them bad last night. The fact that it went on so long was only part of it in my opinion. It’s the pure hatred towards them from most of the chatters that will have stung though.

          They are losing support quicker than it takes Rizzo to drink a Stella, and it’s all their own fault.

    2. Ben the Bastard

      Exactly, probably all too busy pointing the finger at innocent people with false accusations more than anything else!

  4. Baboultr

    Hes a Piece of shit but you know what Hes comedy gold.

    1. He is. When he’s bad, he’s a nasty cunt, but when he’s good, he’s hilarious 🙂

      1. jerry

        in my eyes, Chris is a hero. In the wake of the anti-vip campaign going on and mistreating casters, his stunt was perfect timing of saying enough is enough. You nailed it with the T_Rucker thing and being shuffled. Shortly after he began his shenanigans exclaiming “Ban me! Ban Me MsScruffy you can shove VIP up my ass”, T_Rucker began his cast but was low-digit viewers compared to Chris’ 200+ fans… people who which normally use VL. T_Ruckers audience never uses the site except when he’s on. Why Mark was “generous” to get brownie points with them boggles my mind, he does nothing but shit on those who have been faithful with his site through the years.

        1. Exactly. That’s what Ayyone was so pissed about. He said that if you want to give VIP’s away, or want to send cash out, do it to the ones who have been loyal and here since day one, not somebody who appears when they feel like it.

          You only have to see the chats response to Chris fucking them over to see people are getting pissed with the bullshit they are doing these days.

          But now he’s banned virtually all the audience pullers, he will see his site visits decrease. Of course, he’ll never admit that, he’ll claim that the traffic is getting bigger and bigger every month, but the independent sites will show the REAL figures.

  5. dave

    I don’t know what you people are in an uproar about – T_rucker runs a professional type show without insulting others, the video and audio quality and onscreen graphics are superb – it makes vaughnlive look GOOD. This is why they would be getting preferential treatment. Ayyone talks ebonics and puts off a LOT of people…he swears a lot, is unprofessional, and has low video and audio quality. It’s about quality of content not how long you spend on a site casting non entertaining drama bullshit.

  6. RayMearsExtinguishedCampfire

    Dave defending VL to the hilt once again. T_Rucker sucks, last time I saw him he was playing a computer game with his bird (should be on twitch for that shit) and when she gets on cam she gets drunk and plays with her phone, usually looking up at the screen when she hears the donation PING.

  7. Anonymous

    I’ve looked in on that show a couple of times, so many arselickers in there, no wonder Dave feels so at home he is in his natural habitat there.

    Its boring boring boring what has happened to the fun casters, the ones that played good music and interacted with the audience.

    Vaughn used to be a fun place to hang out but not anymore. I dont want to watch some stupid girl putting on makeup for 3 hours preening and pouting then repeat it every time she is on. Was shocked to learn she is a camwhore over on charturbate or somewhere similar but then that seems also to be the norm with a lot of them even the guys.

    For me vaughn is ruined by the many changes that have happened over time not just these later ones. Yes i get that things have to change but it never seems for the better always just for more money to be made at the expense of the people who made it what it was in the beginning.

    Mark seems to be biting the hand that feeds him and giving out his VIPs to either those he fancies, arse licks him and scruffy the most or to people who havent been on vaughn for more than 5 minutes. The ones who actually pay seems to get treated like shit.

    Sits back and waits for Dave’s tirade and apologies for going off topic.

  8. Ben the Bastard

    Chris While “Ban Meeee” now available as a ringtone, take Chris with you everywhere you go, preferably to be used as a messaging tone.

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