Never Come Between A Gold Digger And Her Money

When it comes to a scammer and their money, there is nothing, or nobody that they will let become between their lust for your money.

We all know the scams that Ray ‘Raunchfox’ Petty and Jen pulled on people to part with their hard earned money, and despite Ray passing, it seems good old Jennifer is intent on the ‘parting of peoples cash’ legacy they had, continuing.


Look. Before anybody say’s ‘oh, you’re just jumping on the bandwagon’ let me tell you, i don’t judge anybody just by rumours. In fact, if you have followed this Blog for a while, you’ll know that most of the people i do like, are the most vilified in the Blog community. I judge people by what i see. And after watching Jen for several times now, she is about as genuine as a Window’s 8 serial key from the Pirate Bay!

Record her, then watch the cast back, and you will see she contradicts just about everything she says.

Yes, she’s pretty, but other than a night of passion and a “see you around” shout the following morning, i wouldn’t even give her the time of day!

As the saying goes, a fool and their money are soon parted.







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5 Thoughts to “Never Come Between A Gold Digger And Her Money”

  1. IP

    Has she only starting casting on VL more prominently after the ebegging culture became the norm?

    1. I don’t remember her casting previously. She would pop in the chat now and then, but i don’t recall her casting.

  2. rhodilia

    she smelled free money and thought i’m getting a slice of that !

  3. Anonymous

    Nasty piece of shit this woman is she swindled elderly veterans out of $1,000’s of dollar with a credit card scam she should of been locked up.

  4. WhaleSighting

    OT, but can someone confirm that Chris’s probation has officially ended? Tx.

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