Welcome To The Barrow Neighbourhood Watch

It’s a sign of the times when you have to persuade all your neighbours to create a neighbourhood watch scheme just to feel safe in your own home.

For those of you outside the UK, i’ll explain what a neighbourhood watch scheme is:

It’s where you gather as many nearby residents as possible, and hold meetings to discuss tacking crime and antisocial behaviour that’s taking place in and around your streets.

Usual topics include:

1) Burglary, break-ins, and thieving little cunts that go around stealing speakers and opening other peoples mail.

2) Antisocial behaviour. This includes the playing of loud music, foul and abusive language, urinating in places other than toilets, and dumping rubbish on the floor instead of bins.

3) Violence and threats to harm/kill. Often caused by excessive alcohol intake and/or drug abuse, this is one of the hot topics at these meetings. Do you have a neighbour who gets violent when drunk or under substance abuse? Ever had somebody threaten to smash your head in, or kill you?

So, with these problems now beginning to affect the idylic, peaceful, and tranquil Barrow-in-Furness, it was time for some of the leading, well respected members of the community to call a meeting to discuss how to tackle and eradicate these issues asap.

And who better to host the meeting, than Barrow’s 2015 ‘Neighbour of the Year’ winner, Mr Christopher While.



Well…it’s only a bit of banter and a drink or two, to get them relaxed before the serious discussions begin…



They weren’t really arguing. They were just acting out a reconstruction of the problems they have to live with each day 😉


*Credit to Blackops from the Dwelling for the video’s.






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14 Thoughts to “Welcome To The Barrow Neighbourhood Watch”

  1. Anonymous

    God damn he belongs in a nut house

  2. raoul duke

    in shock at the state of the flat? pretty nice huh!
    timestamp 1:57 on the table 2 fucking huge bottles of deodorizing spray

  3. raoul duke

    what a retard one word ….. LAUGHABLE. Still its good to see the fruity proudly displayed i hear nw it is outside his door smashed

    1. Bill Gates

      If that really was DJSystems note in the video, all remaining bridges have been burnt in seeing Chris again. Welshguy, Brian, Angel, Wesley, and whoever else is in his close group have too much of a protective grip on him.

      What’s fkn pathetic is ryan and the couple of people who stalk chat the last 2 weeks are on the verge of suicide. All they do is talk about Chris. Their life has no purpose left .. chris won’t stream anymore

      R.I.P Ukmuppets Sexychris Fan site 2016 🙁

  4. Rusty_Nail

    lolz brings a whole new meaning to Neighbour hood watch.
    There the ones to watch out for, imagine that lot on community service.

  5. CoryWells

    Chris uses everyone what a contradiction.

  6. Anonymous

    Send to the council video of chris peeing on his floor along with the grafitti on his walls

  7. this is priceless

    chris cant even go on skype without being recorded how sad ..

    1. Vizzy

      chris makes sure everything he does is recorded he is the one who records its all.

  8. Anonymous

    lol @ the fake crying

  9. Stormin' Norman

    Why is Jimmy Saville in his living room??? Where the hell did he get the slot machine from??

  10. He’s a cheeky cunt, no wait, a cheeky bastard. Hang on a minute, you can only be one or the other, it’s impossible for anyone to be a cunt and a bastard.

  11. Lmao

    Fucking hilarious

  12. rodhullandemu

    the old man looks like rod hull and emu google it

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