Clips Of The Week 01/05/2016

This week we have sex toys, some wild accusations, a new lifehack with Chris, and Ayyone gets his sweet revenge 🙂


Mark Vaughn: Ivlog Servers Would Melt If I Casted there:

Mark - ivlog would melt if i cast there

I think Mark’s a little confused. Ivlog know how to set up their video servers Mark, sorry.

GG: Wig-Gate Finally Revealed:

Gamergirl in 2009

She was going grey back in 2009. It must be whiter than a line of Coke by now. Nevermind GG, every cloud has a silver lining (no pun intended) and the wigs cover it well.


Ayyone Gets His Revenge:

Sticking with GG, remember Ayyone getting banned from VL, and all the fuss that was made over him wanting GG’s doxx?

ayyone allows GG doxx in cast edit

And couldn’t even get told off this time 😉

**The following 2 videos contain nudity and are not suitable for under18’s.

LifeHacks With SexyChris #339

We’ve learnt how to use your pc ram as an emergency butter knife, we have also been shown that your pc tower/case is a brilliant storage place for your cans of Lager.

But this week, Christopher shows us first hand, how to fix the one problem we all suffer with.

What to do when you need a pee in the middle of a movie?

That’s right folks, do it on your carpet. How did we not think of that?

Chris, you really should Patent these terrific idea’s you come up with dude.

Whatever Chris Can Do – Angel Can Too.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander as they say. So with Chris exposing his penis again, Angel decided to match him, by showing us her penis breasts.

** Credit to BlackOps from the Dwelling for the Chris and Angel videos above.

Mark Vaughn Wants Your Cash Again:

Mark - more vip money - get 2 more servers

Mark - more vip money - get 2 more servers 2

Mark - more vip money - get 2 more servers 5

That’s because it’s fake. I can’t remember if it was Gaz or Trevor, but somebody in the Dwelling posted that to get around the ‘servers are full’ pop up, just refresh the page rapidly about 4 times, then boom, you are in 😉

Veronika Buys A New Rabbit:

Vera's rabbit

Vera's rabbit1

Theresa Talks NorthernMonkey:

MS shit talk

MS shit talk1

MS shit talk4

Theresa dear, even NorthernMonkey hasn’t tried to hit on you, now that say’s it all 😉

Although she still has her humour…

MS shit talk3

Veronika: I Can Talk Three Lounges.

Veronika - i speak 3 lounges

Lounge 5

Lounge 3

Lounge 4

AngelStormee: £50 For DJSystems Head.

£50 for DJSystems ban

And of course, the £50 came first and alas, DJSystems is banned lol.

Jen Reynolds In Admission Shocker!

Jen Reynolds - Blogtv paid my rent

What! Jen lived off other peoples money?

Holy shit. I would never of believed that if she hadn’t said it herself.

Mark Vaughn: The Datacenter Broke – Not My Code.

Mark - archives7

Yeah, sure. I mean, it’s not like Datacenters know what they are doing, or have redundancy back ups or anything.

IamSonchild: The Weak Dollar Will Mean I Die.

Sonchild - i'll be dead after September

SexyChris: The Memes Collection.

And finally, we end with a couple of Christopher While Meme’s that were posted in the chat during the week.

Enjoy 🙂





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3 Thoughts to “Clips Of The Week 01/05/2016”

  1. Rocky_Robin

    oh dear, Internet tart Angel paying Chris to dump his friends, who ever is still left in his little circle, you can be bought. Ruby said from the start Angel was up to something, this could become a bidding war between Brian and Angel, thats unless Chris has divorced her for her little dance/strip.
    So Northern Monkeys name has now been added to the list of UK Muppets along with many others, I dont think even sexy chris would touch Michelle Stacy even he has some kind of standards

  2. Blackops

    Absolute brilliance! Great blog had me laughing through top to the bottom

  3. Anonymous

    Jenn Reynolds would rather make one dollar from shady dealings or begging than $2 from honest work.

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