Adambro: Welcome To 4 Chin Monkeysniffer

7 Thoughts to “Adambro: Welcome To 4 Chin Monkeysniffer”

  1. BoscoFUCKINMoney

    So adambro(wne) the pedophiles response to getting caught out as a disgusting human being who rapes young girls is to make fun of someone for the way they look. Brilliant, just brilliant. I guess if I had to choose between being a weak little googly eyed bitch pedophile and being fat? I think I’d choose to be fat. And I am. Great post tho, you totally shit on that other blog again. Never gets old.

  2. UK FUcktards

    Inot sure who run s this blog bbut you UK muppets are fucking idiots!! The Name UK muppets suit you retards! You have no clue and support pedos!

  3. ChicagoKnight

    I reported this and it got taken down.

    1. Lol, what got taken down? Where?

      1. ChicagoKnight

        His screenshot of Monkey on Vaughn. Miss Scruffy ask him to take it down.

        1. Oh right, i thought you mean the story or video.

          Aww, was Daniel crying his poor little heart out lol?

          How ironic that a man who posts casters pictures up on a daily basis, gets upset when somebody posts his hahaha.

  4. Cookieman38111

    You’re not fat Bosco.

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