Monkeysniffer: My Adambro Proof (Updated)

If ever there was an example of a dumb ass let loose with an internet connection, fat Daniel, aka Monkeysniffer is it.

Here is Daniel offering more evidence that Adambro is a sex offender.

Lets start with his ‘newspaper’ evidence:

Ok, lets just take that as ‘proof’ that the person mentioned is Adambro21, despite there not being any picture or address in the article.

So super researcher/blogger Daniel, then finds this article online:

Which is this here:

Hey, another Monkeysniffer exclusive.

Not only is Adam a DJ, Cop, Ladies man, and VL caster, but he’s also able to age 5 years in 1!

Jesus Christ!

If you are gullible enough to believe what these guys post anymore, i feel for you, i really do.

That place is a lunatic asylum, it genuinely is.


UPDATE:  What i also forgot to add was, Daniel boasted about having Adams home address, courtesy of ChicagoKnight’s blog, where he doxxed Adam back in 2014.

Now even Adam himself has admitted that was his real doxx, and has openly admitted his name and address have been out there for years, and he’s received numerous pizza’s, taxi’s etc..

So lets take a look at the CK doxx.

Oops, so Adambro was 27 in 2014. Not only that, CK doxxes him as Adam Brown. So by that theory, if CK got Adams name and age wrong, you could assume that the address Daniel has been posting, is also false, no?

Then we also have the problem of if Adambro was spending 2016 in prison, how did we record all these casts of him live on VL?


5 Thoughts to “Monkeysniffer: My Adambro Proof (Updated)”

  1. Mr Blobby

    that monkeysniffers a right nutter.

  2. BoscoFUCKINMoney

    No horse in this race, but adam browne is a fucking disgusting piece of shit. The fact that you would go to bat for him over some stupid played out internet feud is fucking retarded. But hey whatever, gotta keep those views coming somehow eh?

  3. ChicagoKnight

    27 is the age Adumb himself gave to Glensroom. The man in the artical never served the full year. “Brown” is the name given by Scuttles for years until we learned it was Browne. Are you going to tell me there’s 2 Adam Paul Stuart Browne’s in Burlington,Ontario roughly the same age?

    Please stop defending a rapist/Pedo.

    1. Ironically, you just confirmed what this post is about CK.

      “Brown is the name given by Scuttles for years”

      So even you realise that they continually fuck up a lot of the info/doxx that they post.

      I can’t 100% say that, that article isn’t Adam, just as they can’t 100% say that it is. No image in the article, no address?

      Lets look at what facts we have:

      First they said Adam spent a year in prison in 2016, which is impossible, as we have proved.

      Then it was – oh he only did 5 months, then 6 months, then it was 8 months?

      Then we have the article which says the man in question would be 27 now. But Daniel then posts what he claims to be Adams account on some site, where the age clearly says 31.

      So, just for arguments sake, lets pretend that it is Adambro. He will be on the sex offenders registry, so why don’t they put their money where their mouth is, and pay the fee to get hold of all the information which would confirm that it is him?

      What i’m saying is, you can’t go around making accusations without enough evidence. And so far, everything i’ve seen them write/post, is based on 1 article online.

      Which is weird, because i Googled all the archives from all the local media in Burlington, and it has dozens of sex offenders named on there, but not a single thing related to this case, that only appears on 1 website.

      Does that not seem strange, how none of the local media reported on this certain case, yet they covered dozens of sex offenders over the years?

      1. Canadaneedslistpublic

        Unfortunately Canada does not make the sex offenders list public. Only police can access it. You can’t even pay to get it. Would have to know a cop who I am sure wouldn’t touch that with a 10 foot pole. Canada sucks with no megan’s law there.

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