Monkeysniffer Strikes Again

It appears, that fat Daniel and co have now thrown the towel in, and have all but admitted they got the Adambro sex case wrong.

Remember a few days ago, when they swore blind that this person was Adambro:


But now, the great reporter, claims that there is only 1 Adam Browne in Burlington, and this is him!


Notice that they all say Adam is 31. So, if that news article is correct, that would make Adam 27, not 31.

But hey, Daniel’s eyesight may well be poor, especially if he’s Diabetic.

So lets give him the benefit of the doubt, and pass it as he didn’t see what he was posting.

Thank’s to Dude, it shows there are Adam Browne’s in Burlington. Bit of a difference in and 7.

But it gets even stranger. After a quick research, it looks like the address that Ck and Daniel have been giving out as Adams Grandparents, may not be correct.

499 Ann Avenue Burlington,Ontario Canada L7T2S5 is the address CK posted back in 2014, and is the same address that Daniel posted a few days ago.

Now either Adams Grandparents are very Tech-savy, and his Grandfather is a businessman, or Adam has played a blinder and been trolling everyone for years lol.

So not only is Adam 4 years older than the one in the article, his ‘Grandfather’ is a businessman.

But, have you ever wondered why Scuttlebutts are so sensitive if anybody calls them Paedophiles?

Well lets take a look at a couple of possible reasons:

This is what Lardo, 3Bairs, Ordog, Billybobcesspool, and James Packer, find amusing.

And lets not forget the image that was posted on here a while back, that clearly shows several pre-teen, half naked boys on Lardo’s screen during one cast.

And it’s not just Lardo who seems to be quite fond of very young people.

Remember this?

And Scuttlebutts:

Maybe it’s just me, but does this:

Look like he should be following girls that look like this?

or this?


I’m sure it’s just the gaming he likes to look at though 😉

In the original posts, you can see the dates of when he started following all these girls, and how old they were at the time.

But don’t take my word for it, go and look yourselves.

And remember, once we exposed both Daniel and Scuttles Twitch accounts, the whole of Scuttlebutts went on a damage limitation mission and started to say that if you follow young teen girls online, even when you are an old man, you’re not a Paedophile.

Lardo even went as far as to say “if you have sex with a 15yr old, you are not a Paedophile”.

Well, let’s watch Adams cast from last night, and then we will explain why you are suddenly not seeing Daniel calling theLeff or Adam a Paedophile anymore 😉

You may have noticed that Daniel is now calling him a “child rapist” and leaves out the word Paedophile lol.

Funny how words have different meanings to them depending on when it suites 🙂



They really are the gift that keeps on giving.










11 Thoughts to “Monkeysniffer Strikes Again”

  1. Mr Blobby

    There too much fact here to not believe these lies coming from scuttles are prefab often offer up by anons as fact.

  2. Me

    The picture you say is monkeysniff is actually franktaylorlive.

  3. ChicagoKnight

    Nobodies fault but Adam’s if HE post different ages for himself. The address 499 Ann Ave is from a woman he took there and tried to rape before she got away. He gave Nikki the address who then passed it on to me. 499 Ann Avenue Burlington Ontario Canada L7T2S5 was in fact his address back in 2014. If he moved since ,it’s irrelevant. It doesn’t change the fact it WAS his address. Here’s his OLD cell phone number too 289-230-6910. We got that from Adam’s FIFTEEN year old friend “JointKing”. Why would a 15 year old have his number?

  4. Pewdiepie1

    The writer for the article is stupid. What the writer is trying to say is Adam was 26 in 2011 (and the girl was 14). If they were trying to say he was 26 in 2016, then that would mean the girl was 9 in 2011, which is clearly not what the article states.

    So doing some math: 2016-2011= 5 years
    Depending on when in 2016, Adam was 30 or 31.
    So to find Adam’s age in 2016 we subtract: 30-5=25 or more likely 31-5-26 years old in 2016.

    Oh look, everything seems to add up now.

    1. pewdiepie1

      Correction: So finding Adam’s age in 2011*…..31-5-26 years old in 2011*

    2. Only thing is, it clearly states “a 26yr old man HAS been sentenced to a year in prison”

      If SexyChris gets jailed over his CP charges, the press won’t say “a 26yr old man has been jailed for” because that was his age at the time he committed the offences, they will post the age he currently is when sentenced.

      So if that person was 26 last year, then he will have been around 21 when the offence took place in 2011.

      If they were talking about his age at the time, then they would have to state “the man, who was [insert age] at the time”

      1. pewdiepie1

        The caption for the picture in the article says “A 26 year old male and a 14 year old girl from Shelburne, NS met over the online social site Omegle for a one-on-one video chat in 2011.”

        A 26 year old man and a 14 year old >> IN 2011 <<

        So what the article says is he was 26 in 2011 (not 2016) and thus his age today would match 31 adding the years since 2011 (6) assuming he will turn 32 this year.

        The first sentence of the article is misleading since it doesn't account for his age in 2016 causing confusion. So in essence, this post debunking the claim that it was Adam is itself debunked. That's not to say it is 100% Adam form Vaughn, but it looks incredibly likely.

  5. bobby

    How many of those seven have 2 middle names that are exactly the same as adumblo

  6. Mr Blobby

    amazing adam continue to cast on vl while being in prison 🙂

  7. Cant say beentojail

    The guy you people are talking about adambro is the same guy charged in that article i was in jail in nova Scotia a little over a year and a half ago and that dude i just watched on a youtube clip and see in your blog is adam browne he was on the same range as me for 2 months and lied to evryone about why he was in there he told us it was break and enter ….we also mad fun of him for using the phone for so long in the evening because he would call his father to get him to help keep his account going the only reason i bothered to look for him online is because he talked alot a out bis streaming …sorry bro …that was over 18 months ago and he should have been released shortly after i last seen him

  8. Adam is GUILTY

    UPDATE: Meathead had the cbc news article on his own page. Adam was made aware of it then reported to the ivlog mods saying it had his personal information on it, (city, province and his initials) and wanted him banned off the whole site.

    Meathead was contacted by the ivlog admin saying he had to remove it for doxxing Adam, the reason Meathead was reported in the first place.

    If Adam was innocent there would be nothing to report, but he did report it.

    Whether a person/s likes this Monkeysniffer blogger or not Adam is guilty.

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