Cherrybreeze: Why I Could Never Sleep With Sarah Sponheim

Following on from our previous story my sex with David Sponheim , Zoe was back with more alleged intimate stories regarding the Sponheims, Sarah in particular.

Firstly, she tells us about her wild lesbian orgy with 12 other women, and how she enjoyed it.

Then, we get to hear the true reason why she could never have a threesome with potentially America’s next President and First Lady.

The distance you may ask?

The American way of life perhaps?

Maybe even because of David’s alleged lego lookalike private parts?

Well, the truth is, it’s none of the above.

The problem stems from a great big bushy Jack N Danny!

Confused? You will be!

So, is it just me, or is she actually starting to sound a bit convincing?

Of course, this could all be fantasy, simply made up in Zoe’s sometimes vivid imagination. But if it is, she is getting better at telling porkies.

I suppose we’ll never know what/if anything did go on between webcams, lego looking manhoods, and alleged Afro style vaginas, unless she really has got video evidence.

But till then, it seems we are now stuck with the image of David showing off his ‘brick’ while Sarah is parading her bird nest for any tit loving watcher with a webcam.


I bet Trump doesn’t have this much fun!















2 Thoughts to “Cherrybreeze: Why I Could Never Sleep With Sarah Sponheim”

  1. bugs bunny

    Stories she made up.

    1. cherrybreeze

      Get to
      know yourself, its ALL true!!!

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