Be Careful What You Wish For

If you watch the adorable WeeWee, you’ll have noticed a similar theme:

weewee always eating

weewee always eating 2

weewee always eating 3

weewee always eating 4

weewee always eating 11

Yep, she is always eating. She considers herself too skinny and is desperate to pile weight on be “cuddly” as she puts it.

Yes, she’s slim, but to me, she’s not ‘dangerously’ thin, certainly not enough to cause any health problems.

weewee always eating 10

There are thousands of women out there that would give anything to be slim like that, and it’s a lot easier to put weight on, than lose it.

WeeWee, we love you just as you are, you don’t need to be ‘fat’

I mean, do you really want to look like this;

it'skrissy fat

11 Thoughts to “Be Careful What You Wish For”

  1. Angie2013

    WeeWee i understand what you mean though, thing is when your healthy looking not over weight, someone will say your to skinny, and when you have a bit of fat on you, someone will say you fat, as long as your healthy dont worry.

    1. weewee

      thanks hon – you are so right!! there’s no way you’ll please everyone…so you might as well work toward a look/feel that pleases YOU!

  2. weewee

    i may not look nasty, but i’m very underweight for my height (currently less than 100 lbs at 5’7″). personally, i dislike being thin and find chubbiness to be very attractive!

    HI BTW~

    1. Angie2013

      best way is to be happy with how you feel, not other peoples views, dont change for others,do it for yourself my motto is, if people dont like me for who i am or look, then thats there problem 🙂

      1. weewee

        i’m e-high-fiving you SO hard right now! i wish more people felt this way!

  3. Hey Weewee, if that is the real Weewee of course <3 Hope you're ok hun?

    1. weewee

      yes indeedy, i am the real wee weenie! i’m doing smashingly awesome; how are you?!

  4. DiscoDave1888

    Wise words there Ang, weewee be what you are, be healthy, be happy, love life, but most importantly love yourself.

  5. I’m fine hun thank you, just busy with Christmas coming up, missing my Vaughn lol. Hey Davey, how’s you bud?

  6. DiscoDave1888

    Hi there Daz,doing great here thank you m8, hope you and the family have a great Christmas, the same goes to you and your family Ang… oh and Daz go easy with the Stella m8 lol.

    1. Angie2013

      Thanks Dave all the best to you and the family as well, have a good one

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